When completed in 1887, the Globe Grain Elevators were the largest wood structure grain bins in the world.

Grain from throughout the Midwest was brought to the Globe Elevators by rail, then loaded onto cargo ships for transport through the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and beyond. It contains some 3.3 million board feet of wood - mostly Eastern White Pine - as well as hundreds of tons of Real Wrought Iron and other antique hardware.

Old Globe Wood LLC was created to dismantle antique grain elevators and save the old-growth wood that might otherwise end up in a landfill world wide. Of course, everything that Old Globe sells is environmentally friendly. Old Globe products qualify for LEED points and other green certification.

Many wooden grain elevators were lost to fire during their operation. Of those that survived, most have been demolished or burned to enable redevelopment. Old Globe rescues antique granary timbers, dimension lumber, and wrought iron and gives them new life.

We are proud to contribute to the conservation of our planet's natural resources, we also love the richness and character of wrought iron. Since wrought iron is no longer produced, the only way to enjoy its character and beauty is through re-use.

Old Globe Iron Works manufactures and market a wide array of consumer products utilizing materials salvaged from these antique grain elevators. 

Today, products from the Old Globe Wood Company grace luxury homes, restaurants, hotels and convention centers.  Our customers include designers, contractors, architects, home owners, artists, and custom blacksmiths.